Saturday, 15 October 2016

How should we send S.A.S.E

How to send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope

If you’ve never sent a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) to someone, don’t worry! Here’s how. You’re going to need TWO envelopes, and TWO stamps. (US only–UNLESS you can get adequate US postage to go on Envelope #1. If you are international, inquire with your postal service as to the best way to do this.)

1. Prepare Envelope #1
On the first envelope, print YOUR address on the center of it, as if you were getting ready to mail a letter to yourself. Leave the return address EMPTY.

Place adequate postage (one stamp, currently $0.46) on the envelope. If you want multiple things (multiple bookmarks and bookplates, for example) adding a second stamp will ensure enough postage for the added weight.
 Leave it open. This will be the envelope I used to send your bookplate to you!

2. Fold Envelope #1 in thirds.
See diagram at right! Fold this envelope in thirds, to make it nice and small.

3. Prepare Envelope #2.
On the second envelope, print my address on the center:

Meagan Spooner
PO Box 1903
Weaverville, NC 28787

Print your return address on the upper left hand corner of the envelope.

Place adequate postage on the upper right hand corner of the envelope. This should be the exact same amount of postage you placed on Envelope #1.

4. Insert Envelope #1 into Envelope #2.
See diagram! Take Envelope #1, which should be the one with YOUR address on it, the one folded into thirds, and insert into Envelope #2. Seal Envelope #2.

Important uses for SASEs are when requesting information about products or services, or when sending manuscripts to literary agents.

SASEs are used when communicating with companies, charities or celebrities (for fan post), in cases where each recipient can afford the cost of a single stamp and envelope, but it would be a burden on the organization to pay for the postage on all the letters it sends out.

One of the most common uses is when companies are legally required to send something upon request, such as a "winners list" at the end of a sweepstakes; the company will require a SASE to be included with the request to avoid paying postage.

SASEs are also vital in the hobbies of autograph collecting and amateur radio. An enthusiast will send an autograph request to a celebrity or athlete through the mail and include a SASE, which the celebrity or athlete will use to return the autographed item. In the case of amateur radio, operators will send a SASE when requesting another station's QSL card.

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